Auxiliary Equipment

Counting, Loss detect in-one solution with the G-5001A(SMD CHIP COUNTER).

New generation G-5001A SMD chip counter has function of counting, loss detecting, and meter detection. G-5001A was developed through research, techonological advancment, and professional and technical enhancements..

Streamline design gives a breakthrough in its design compared to our competitors. (SMD CHIP COUNTER).
A protection device from missing material.
A protection device from missing material is set up, special designs of slingshot style fixed tray,To close the reel hole and wheel precisely together.
Loss Detect device.
Loss detect is deviced count precisely and deduct the lack auto.,Rate of inaccuracy is Zero..
Connect to a barcode printer

Option to include barcode, to print out the q`ty and increase the management efficiency.

LCD monitor.
Graphical LCD monitor, easy to operate.
1.Auto counting, easy to count, provide material and inventory.
2.Auto save the set up value, convenience for operation.
3.Include 3 3/4(4000 counts) auto shift gears electric meter, easy to operate & meausre the value of materials amy time.
4.Short detect is deviced, count precisely and deduct the lack automatically. Rate of inaccuracy is ZERO.
5.A protection device from missing material is set up.
6.Stop and reverse automatically, easy to operate.
7.Graphical LCD monitor, easy to read.
8.Reserve power is ready and available for counting even power is failure.
9.Fashion and streamline modeling, break out the traditional design.