Testing Equipment
OKANO OVS-4000, 4-Sided Chip Component Inspection System Designed for high-speed inspection of surface mount MLCC Chip. Simple mechanism ensures gentle and precise handling of small and delicate components. System Description: OKANO OVH-4000 inspects 4 sides of component at high speed to detect good vs bad quality components. Chip sizes: 1005, 1608, 2012, 3216, 0603 Inspection Items: Size, brightness, foreign substances Inspection Capability (for electrodes and general detection): Cracks, chipping scratches, contamination, delamination, dimension, spreads. Feature: High speed inspection and processing capability: 1500pcs/min (may differ depending on the contents of inspection.) Simple system allows easy setup for different sized components. (0603, 1005, 1608, 2012, 3216) Low Cost Spec: Power: AC 200V 3-Phase 50/60Hz (or AC 100V Single Phase) Air: 5kgf/cm Weight: Approx 400kg Dimension: 900mm(W) x 1000mm(D) x 1750mm(H)