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OKTEK G-5005 變頻式高速離心脫泡機 | 氣泡 [ 0 ] 的高品質極致脫泡機
  • 具有性能穩定、容量大、噪音低、溫升小、操作方便、安全可靠等優點,可廣泛運用於電子業界之針筒型膠類脫泡使用,亦可廣泛應用於生物學、化學、醫學、藥物學等實驗和科研單位
  • 使用50cc 180 mm之長膠管一樣有高品質的離心脫泡能力.
  • 採用交流變頻式無刷馬達控制 + 可以精準設定馬達轉速 + 無需更換碳刷耗材
  • 懸擺式轉動方式: 可隨著轉速的快慢改變離心管的傾斜度,所以由離心力和重力所產生的沈降力永遠指向管底的部分,最後所有的沈降物都會集中至管底,易於分離.
  • 固定夾具 : 3種
  • 離心管:
  1. 30cc 120mm 4支 不銹鋼容器
  2. 30cc 120mm 8 支 不銹鋼容器
  3. 15cc 24 支不銹鋼容器
  4. 訂製夾具
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OKTEK G-5005 Centrifuge (High Speed Centrifugal Machine) | A high-quality centrifuge with [ 0 ] bubbles
  • This product features stable performance, high capacity, low noise, low temperature rise, ease of use, safety, and is reliable for use. The scope of application covers from general experimentation for scientific research agencies of biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, as well as defoaming of syringe-type plastic in the electronics industry.
  • Can use 50cc 180 mm Plastic Tube for Centrifugal Machine
  • Adopts an inverter brushless motor for control
  • The frequency of the motor’s rotation can be set accurately, and brush consumables need not be replaced
    The tilt angle of the centrifugal tube can be changed according to the speed of rotation, thus the settling power generated from the centrifugal force and gravity always points to the bottom of the tube. Finally, all sediments are collected there, which in turn makes separation easy.
  • Turntable (Max speed : 5000rpm)
  • Fixture: 3 Types
  • Centrifugal Tubes
  1. 30cc 120mm 4pcs Plastic Tube
  2. 30cc 120mm 8pcs Plastic Tube
  3. 15cc 24pcs Plastic Tube
  4. Fixture with Container (optional)

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