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OKTEK G-5003 - LS/LR 油墨攪拌脫泡機 | 為無鉛高密度基板組裝的完美品質而創造的極致動能攪拌機
  • PCB 板廠 玻璃面板廠 光電產業 A,B 膠
  • 徵求各地經銷商
  • 大型油墨攪拌機採用變頻器控制馬達,攪拌運轉平順,轉速並可依照不同的攪拌需要進行調整,公自轉比例可依客戶要求訂製,可直接使用客戶容器攪拌脫泡,不需使用專用容器,最佳的品質,最合理的價格,最貼心的服務,特殊用途,可依客戶需求訂製設計.
  • 強力的攪拌能力 + 驚人的脫泡與攪拌實力
  • 可攪拌膠類性質 10,000-100,000 C.P.S
  • 依各種膠類與客戶不同的需求,我們都可以幫您服務特別調整設計.
> 攪拌後
UV膠脫泡 (前)
熱固型防焊油墨 (前)


PCB防焊綠漆 (前)

單一膠類 脫泡 (前)


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OKTEK G-5003 LS/LR Ink Mixer and Defoamer (Air Bubble Remover) | R&D for Best Mixing Solution: Ink for Printed Circuit Boards, A/B paste and Ag (Silver) paste mixing and defoaming solution.
  • Great use for: PCB Factory, Glass Panel Factory, Photoelectric Industry, and other A,B Paste Goods.
  • Adopts innovative mixing method with unique 45 degree angle mixing design for uniform mixing quality. No need for tools to load containers, has buzzer sound for completion, 3 setup option choices, oxidation solution, centrifugal force for pressurized mixing, and equipped with safety measures by detection methods using vibration sensor to auto-stop machinery, auto-stop for motor problems due to prolonged usage, and auto-lock function for safe operations.
  • Powerful Mixing Function + Strong and powerful mixing and defoaming solution
  • Can mix paste between 10,000-100,000 C.P.S
  • Can operate with different types of paste.
Before Mixing
> After Mixing
UV Paste (Before)
> After
Thermosetting Solder Paste (Before)
PCB Solder Paste (Before)

Single Paste Defoaming (Before)

Insulated Ink
> After

Conductive Ink
OKTEK has made long-term commitment to provide our customers with the best mixing and defoaming (air bubble removing) machinery. Our G-5003A is currently patent pending. Do not counterfeit, or else, legal actions will be taken.

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