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OKTEK G-5000A 錫膏攪拌機 (攪拌脫泡機) | 為無鉛高密度基板組裝的完美品質而創造的極致動能攪拌機
  • G-5000A 錫膏攪拌機 (攪拌脫泡機) 能夠攪拌出最好的錫膏條件,尤其無鉛製程中需要良好的助焊性,及高密度基板需要均勻的擴散性。
  • 45°均質攪拌實現 + 操作簡單人性化 + 100% 高安全性 + 高品質攪拌成效
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OKTEK G-5000A Solder Paste Mixer | Best quality mixing solution for your solder paste needs.
  • The G-5000A produce best mixing results with gentle and equal mixing method. Wroks exceptionally well for lead-free process and PCB assembly.
  • Unique 45° angle mixing + User friendly operation + 100% Safety + results with high quality mixing solution.
Patented fixture for easy adjustment of its container.
Works as an Ink Mixer too!

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