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OKTEK G-5001A 零件計數器 SMD Chip Counter | SMD零件計數 + 漏件偵測 + 電錶量測功能
  • 全自動方式計算零件數量,方便點料、發料、盤點作業。
  • 自動儲存設定值,方便操作計數。
  • 自動停止及自動回帶功能,操作更輕鬆。
  • 我們有最好的計數器,具有計數與測量的優異能力。
  • 零件計數器。
  • 標籤列印系統 (選配)。
防脫落鎖定裝置 : 適合任何尺寸 SMD 料帶零件料帶防脫落鎖定裝置; 一拉一推之間輕鬆完成料帶固定與鬆脫。
漏件偵測檢知裝置 : 協助您快速偵測漏件量,不必浪費時間清點漏件數量。
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OKTEK G-5001A Multi-Function SMD Chip Counter | SMD Chip Counter, Loss Detect, and Meter All-In-One Solution
  • Auto counting, easy to count, provide material and inventory.
  • Auto saves setup value. Convenient for operation.
  • Include 3 3/4 (4000 counts) auto shift gears electric meter, easy to operate & measure the value of materials any time.
  • Short detect is deviced, count precisely and deduct the lack automatically. Rate of inaccuracy is ZERO.
  • A protection device from missing material.
  • Easy operation for stopping and reversing automatically.
  • Easy to read graphical LCD monitor.
  • Stylish and fashionale with modern style design.
  • Label Printing system (OPTION).
A protection device from missing material: A special slingshot style fixed tray is designed as a protection device from missing material to close the reel hole and wheel precisely together.
Loss Detect Device: Automatically count loss detect with precise accuracy. 0% margin of error.
Connect with Barcode Printer: Option to include barcode, to print out quantity and increase management efficiency.
LCD Monitor: easy to operate graphical LCD monitor.
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