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OKANO FA-931V 在線測試儀 | 精確,快速,安全的測試機
  • 電源自動切換裝置 - 可在工作電壓 AC 100V-AC 260V 的場所使用,電源直接轉換,對於會有電壓脈衝﹑雜訊的場合﹐具有穩定的效果。
  • 高信賴度的測試系統 - 繼電板採特殊高速REED RELAY,整體系統具高度信賴性及穩定性。
  • 自我偵測功能 - 可針對 RELAY BOARD, AC/DC 測試板在限定範圍內做自我偵測,並反映出不良點﹐以確保測試系統之可信度。
  • 低電阻1Ω以下測試 - 對于測試1Ω以下之低電阻﹐可自動扣除接觸電阻(R0)﹐具有測試低電阻﹐精確性高﹐穩定性佳的優點。並可使用4 根探針方式 (Kelvin Test)(零件每一邊兩根探針),穩定地測試 0.1 Ω以上的小電阻.
  • 自動放電 - 具有自動偵測電壓及自動放電功能 (根據 Charge Test table)﹐可改善測試的準確性﹐及防止 RELAY BOARD 被損壞。
  • 多種IC TEST檢測模式
    1.Open/Short Test
    2.Diode Test
    3.Open Scan Test :運用量測 通過二極體的電流 , 檢測IC腳的 短路和開路,並能有效解決並聯二 極體的缺件問題.
    4.TestJet : Option
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OKANO FA-931V Super In-Circuit Tester | Precise, speedy, and safe tester.
  • Auto-switch between 110V-260V. No power configuration needed, this power supply is specially designed to noisy power supply lines. It constantly regulates the incoming supply and ensures constant vlotage and current supply to controller hardware so that any sudden power surge will not cause any damage.
  • OKTEK used specially tested contact relays(burn-in-tests) for relay card and reed relays for measurement cards to ensure more reliable and accurate result.
  • Relay board check and DC/AC measurement card check available to help isolate and identify system failures.
  • When test the resistance lower than 1Ω, auto deduct the contact resistance (R0). It can test low resistance with accuracy and stability. Also able to use 4 probes (Kelvin Test) (2 probes each side of component) to test the resistance above 0.1Ω stably.
  • The function of auto voltage detect and auto discharge to improve the accuracy of testing and protect the relay board been damaged.
  • Types of IC TESTInspections
    1.Open/Short Test
    2.Diode Test
    3.Open Scan Test :Use the current which measured through diode to test IC pin's short and open, and solve the problem of parallel diode's loss effectively.
    4.TestJet : Option
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