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OKANO FA-931V 在線測試儀 | 靜電自動消除裝置新搭載
  • 靜電消除器運作為高周波交流模式,離子中和均勻,效果佳讓您使用安心,提高產品良率。不會造成半導體元件以及PCB板毀壞。
  • 不會造成測試設備毀損。
  • 不會導致人員操作不安全感。
OKANO FA-931V Super In-Circuit Tester | Automatic Static Eliminator (ICT with Antistatic Function)
  • Static eliminator works by high-frequency. Make the ions neutralize evenly and lead to excellent effect.
  • Much easier testing surrounding. Raise the yield.
  • *No more damage on semiconductor component and PCB.
  • *No more damage on testing equipments.
  • *No more insecurity to operators.
  • Wide-Angle Spary nozzle: Able to cover the whole fixture, ensure fixture without static. Adjustable time set up, more flexibility in use. No need to select anti-static fixture make cost down effectively. Able to provent the static from the rebbing during operation, avoid the damage on PCB components.
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